Winter Snow Play:

Walker Pass gets snow sometimes!!  Chains can be required sometimes!!
Kennedy Meadows- Chimney Peak, Pine Pass, beyond the winter closing at the General Store
Shirley Meadows Ski Area – in the Greenhorn Mountains; 2 chair lifts, ski rental, ski lessons
Whitney Portal- as snow permits the road to be open; don’t go past the locked gate at the bottom – it’s CLOSED.
Horseshoe Meadows road closes for winter.  Don’t go beyond the locked gate.
Onion Valley- as snow permits the road to be open
Bishop Creek- plowed up to Aspendell
Tom’s Place, Rock Creek – watch for avalanche spots, but great snow area!
Convict Lake – plowed to the resort; good X-C trail on east side of lake.
June Lake loop, but usually closed at the power plant.
BE CAREFUL IF YOU CHOSE TO VENTURE OUT ONTO A FROZEN LAKE.!!!  How solid is it?  If less than 6″, don’t even think about it!  If you can’t see how thick the ice is, DON’T GO.  Be careful where ice meets land and at outlets.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing great!  Just be careful where you park – some places need a permit, some places have snow plow restrictions.  Snowmobiles are allowed on roads most places except in wilderness.

18 hole Golf Courses are found at: China Lake, Lone Pine, Bishop, Death Valley, California City, Lancaster, Kernville.

OHV open areas include: the Spangler Hills just south & east of Ridgecrest, and near Red Rock Canyon at Dove Springs canyon and Jawbone Canyon. Check in with BLM for details.

Mountain Biking trails are all over the hills behind the college, south of town, and in the canyons of the Sierra west of town. Keysville on the west side of Lake Isabella.   Mountain bikes allowed on dirt roads and some trails on the Kern Plateau.

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