Summer Hiking:

Pacific Crest Trail, (catch at Walker Pass or Kennedy Meadows);
Kennedy Meadows- Blackrock  trailhead- Casa Vieja, Jordan Hot Springs;  or any of the many other trails
Telescope Peak;  see Death Valley info; 7 miles to the top, but watch the weather!
Mt. Whitney (permits required) (see Inyo USFS)
Cottonwood Lakes (permits required)
 Just about every trailhead in the Sierra now needs a Wilderness Permit – get at Lone Pine Interagency Visitor Center.

18 hole Golf Courses are found at: China Lake, Lone Pine, Bishop, Death Valley, California City, Lancaster, Kernville.

OHV open areas include: the Spangler Hills just south & east of Ridgecrest, and near Red Rock Canyon at Dove Springs canyon and Jawbone Canyon. Check in with BLM for details.

Mountain Biking trails are all over the hills behind the college, south of town, and in the canyons of the Sierra west of town. Keysville on the west side of Lake Isabella.   Mountain bikes allowed on dirt roads and some trails on the Kern Plateau.

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